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How it Works

The Smart Faucet™ eliminates all water waste at the faucet and saves up to 15,000 + gallons per unit per year!

Recommended Uses

Smart Faucet™ Benefits

The Smart Faucet™ is perfect for homes, recreational vehicles, boats, hospitals, and nursing homes. The Smart Faucet™ has practical uses for children, the disabled, and the elderly. The Smart Faucet™ is hygienic, convenient to use and fits most standard faucets. The device is also easy to install - with no need for a plumber or special tools. Installation of the Smart Faucet instantly solves a leaky faucet problem. Start saving money, energy, and the planet today by using the Smart Faucet™.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to keep up with and reduce our demand for fresh water. By conserving water we can reduce the pressure on our lakes, reservoirs and sewage treatment facilities and serve more people. Water conservation also saves energy and reduces carbon emissions, which helps in the effort to stop global warming. It is estimated that leaving the hot water running for just five minutes is the energy equivalent to using a 60W light bulb for fourteen hours. Conserve water and energy by installing the Smart Faucet™.

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