Benefits and Installation

The Smart Faucet™ is a water conservation device that eliminates 100% of water waste at the faucet. After you install the Smart Faucet™, no water will run down the drain unused and wasted again!

The Smart Faucet™ is perfect for homes, recreational vehicles, boats, hospitals and nursing homes. Since the Smart Faucet eliminates the need to adjust the faucet valves once they are set, it is great for children, the disabled, the elderly, and people with arthritis.

Parents and children will love the Smart Faucet™, as it allows smaller children to wash their hands without needing a parent to turn the faucet valves for them. As long as the child is tall enough to reach and push on the handle, they will be able to enjoy the freedom of washing up without needing a parent.

The Smart Faucet™ is also hygienic. By eliminating the need to touch the faucet valves, cross-contamination of the valves is avoided, and the spread of bacteria is reduced. Plus, the Smart Faucet™ handle has antimicrobial properties, which further reduces the spread of bacteria.

Finally, the Smart Faucet™ is an educational tool. Once you become accustomed to using the Smart Faucet™, you become keenly aware of just how much water is wasted by using a standard faucet. Since freshwater is one of the most precious natural resources on the planet, why should we allow any of it to run down the drain unused and wasted?

Install a Smart Faucet™ today. Start saving money, water, and our planet’s resources!


The Smart Faucet™ is made to retrofit your current faucet and replace the aerator. It is easy to install, and fits most standard faucets. Simply remove your existing aerator and insert the Smart Faucet™ in its place, and hand tighten. No special tools are required - just follow the simple directions on the Smart Faucet™ packaging insert.

Once the Smart Faucet™ is installed, you adjust your faucet valves to your preferred temperature settings and leave them in place. Slight pressure on the handle of the Smart Faucet with the back of your hand will dispense water only when you need it.

The Smart Faucet™ has a continuous flow function which is activated by simply pushing the handle of the device to the open position, and engaging the locking disk. The disk, located on the handle, is engaged by sliding it all the way up the handle. This allows you to have running water whenever necessary. The continuous flow function is disengaged by gently pushing on the handle and allowing the locking disk to slide back down the handle.

Installation of the Smart Faucet™ device will also instantly solve a leaky faucet problem, without the need to call a plumber, providing additional water and cost savings.

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